CGS Premier is devoted to continuously improving our long-term relationships with our customers and employees by establishing a measured quality standard.

Greg Peterson, President |
Tom Berte, Vice President & CFO |
Cindy Schopf, Executive Vice President |
Trey Patterson, Director of Business Development |
Bill Kurinsky, Director of Business Development |
John Kubiak, Director of Business Development |
Danielle Schmidt, Director of Business Development |
Eric Rose, Account Manager |
TJ Leonard, Account Manager |
Doug Scherer, Director of Industrial Sales |
Justin Goins, Director of Industrial Sales |
Jannelle Peterson, Marketing |
James Requejo, CAD/Design |
Robin Inman, Controller |
Roger Berte, ISO Manager |
Fred Felch, Estimating/Quality |
Tamy Hritz, Estimator |
Nick Memmel, Accounts Payable Specialist |
Mary Nemec, Accounting Assistant|
Sue Phillips, Purchasing Agent |
Drew Schoon, Purchasing Agent |
Nick Galaszewski, Print Manager |
Brad Thomas, Plant Manager |
Jeffery Borchardt, Assistant Plant Manager |
Aaron Gruenberg, Shop Manager |
Al Theusch, Shop Manager |
DJ Loeper, Shop Manager |
Joel Eisen, Shop Manager |
John Olski, Shop Manager |
Matt Riemer Shop Manager |

Phone: 262.641.7414

CGS Premier custom Fabrication
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