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Mistakes To Avoid When Building a Custom Mobile Clinic

A custom mobile clinic can do a lot of good for a community, but this good doesn’t show up overnight when you decide you want to build a clinic. You must put in the work behind-the-scenes to make it work, and then you need to make the public aware. Here are the mistakes to avoid when building a custom mobile clinic.

Getting It Running Is a Lengthy Process

A big mistake that people make when building their clinic is that they think it will be a quick and easy process. Doctors’ offices seem very simple, so why would a mobile clinic be different? The reality is that both have different requirements, and there is a lot more going on behind the scenes to make sure the mobile clinic is safe and properly licensed. In this setup process, you will also need to understand how the clinic works as a business. Without regular money coming in, you will not be able to sustain the clinic.

They Are Not ADA-Compliant

A significant issue that many face when trying to get their mobile clinic on the road is that it was not made to be ADA-compliant. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that facilities, like your mobile clinic, be easily accessible and usable for differently-abled persons. You may need to do some extra work with a mobile clinic to make it suitable. You can simplify this process if you know what you are doing initially, but it is still a challenge to make everything work efficiently.

Cost Miscalculations

Any sort of business endeavor that involves remodeling something always seems to accrue more costs than initially thought. Many people consider this when calculating their costs, but this is often far off from the actual figures. Mobile clinics come with a lot of hidden costs that you may not have initially considered, such as:

  • The cost of gas
  • Labor costs
  • Software and internet
  • Licensing and insurance fees
  • Maintenance costs
  • Advertising and marketing costs

Even this list is still missing a lot of other costs. There are many quick fixes to lower costs, like buying used medical equipment and leasing your vehicle, but even this does not solve the entire issue.

These were the mistakes to avoid when building a custom mobile clinic, and they seem to lead to the idea that leasing a medical trailer might be the more straightforward option. When leasing a trailer from CGS Premier, you receive an easy-to-use trailer that can meet all your specific needs, making it easier for you to help your community.