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Ways COVID-19 Has Impacted Mobile Health Clinics

Mobile health clinics are terrific ways to deliver healthcare to those in areas far away from traditional hospitals and doctors’ offices. They also can provide healthcare to those who are immobile or unable to get to the hospital in the first place. Read on to learn a few ways COVID-19 significantly impacted mobile health clinics.

Lack of Funding

One of the extenuating consequences that COVID-19 brought about was an overall lack of funding for clinics. The government funded existing programs, hospitals, and pop-up clinics for testing and treatment. Mobile health clinics would have thrived at times like these, but COVID-19 was so severe that those afflicted often needed to go to a hospital and receive intense treatment immediately. Mobile clinics would have been great for testing, and many were on the frontlines doing this, but often the government diverted those resources toward more established clinics.

New Safety Measures

The pandemic revealed a lot about how people spread germs and viruses and how everything can, on the whole, be much safer. The same is true for mobile health clinics. Much like every other industry, mobile health clinics used masks and PPE and sanitized almost everything after patient appointments. While it was a struggle at first, the benefits quickly began outweighing the drawbacks, and patients received better and safer care than they had before.

Increased Community Focus

Mobile health clinics have always worked to serve their communities, but the pandemic put that community focus front and center. Some communities still needed to rely on large hospitals and health clinics, but mobile clinics were often the only game in town for more disconnected communities. While there were funding issues for some upstart clinics, others thrived and delivered the care to those in the community who needed it most. In the early stages of the pandemic, when so much about the virus was uncertain, these clinics served as a source of trust and care when that was difficult to find.

COVID-19 significantly impacted mobile health clinics, but now they can work more efficiently and more safely than ever before. If you’re interested in entering the mobile healthcare industry, consider leasing your mobile medical trailer from us at CGS Premier. We have various custom clinics with reliable, efficient, and easy-to-use features so you can deliver the proper care to anyone in need!