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How to Start a Mobile Health Clinic

Mobile healthcare clinics are a very popular tool for healthcare organizations around the country. These clinics make it far easier for patients to receive spectacular healthcare service regardless of location and are very popular in both urban and rural settings for this exact reason. Mobile healthcare clinics also make it far easier for individuals in lower-income communities to receive necessary medical aid. Though mobile healthcare clinics operate on a slightly smaller scale than traditional medical offices, they still require the same amount of organization and preparation in order to run smoothly. This guide for how to start a mobile health clinic explores some of the most important facets for operating this type of business.

Identify a need

First and foremost, you must identify a need for your mobile health clinic. As was briefly mentioned, mobile health clinics can be used for a variety of different purposes. The most common use for a mobile health clinic is to provide primary care to individuals who are unable to seek care from a traditional medical center. This may be due to location or income. Some mobile health clinics are intended to fill most specific medical needs. For instance, many mobile health clinics specialize in providing asthma screenings, immunizations, or vision screenings. Many also operate as a mobile blood donation center. When selecting the main purpose for your mobile health clinic, start by assessing the current medical needs within your area. Analyze your audience to see which medical needs of theirs are not currently being filled by traditional medical facilities. Filling a particular need within your community will help you make a name for yourself more quickly.

Select potential locations

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of a mobile health clinic is that you are able to travel wherever your patients need you most. That being said, not all locations will be ideal to set up shop. Finding viable locations for your mobile health clinic will not always be simple and you may need to enlist the help of other community organizations at times. In fact, striking up a partnership with local community organizations can be a great way to widen your audience base while also establishing a reliable location for your clinic. Consider partnering with community health clinics, retirement homes, and local businesses. They will often allow you to park your mobile clinic in their business’s parking lot in exchange for your services. Forming a partnership with local government officials can also open the door for you to provide your services at community festivals and events.

Design and outfit the clinic

The last point on our guide for how to start a mobile health clinic involves its design. A mobile healthcare clinic must be well equipped with much of the same equipment as a traditional medical facility. Luckily, custom temporary structures can be designed to suit the exact needs of your mobile health clinic. Such structures can be easily outfitted with dental chairs, phlebotomy equipment, or even x-ray, CT, and MRI machines, depending on the needs of the clinic. When designing your mobile health clinic, be sure to maintain a sense of professionalism throughout the space. Divide the space into private examination areas and ensure the space is ADA compliant. This will allow your patients to put their faith in your clinic more readily, and they will be more likely to return to your services in the future.