Mobile Pop-Up Shops

Why not sell on-site  with one of our  mobile pop-up shops?  Secure and easy to set up, our  pop-up  store  trailers, containers, and structures  are  designed  to get  customers  engaged with the product and then  offer it for sale while they’re excited.  The easy set up makes moving to where your customers are a fast and smart solution. Built into containers, leased vehicles, trailers, and temporary structures, one of the fastest growing trends is selling on site through the use of a mobile pop-up shop. Think of it…you’re already out building your brand, getting consumers to experience your product, why not be able to offer it to them on the spot. It’s the ultimate point of sale. Mobile pop-up shops can be incorporated into a variety of experiential platforms. We have many options available for lease or purchase.

Your Brand on Wheels

Mobile pop-up stores are a great way to market your brand to different markets. Multi-channel sales contribute to retaining 73% of customers, so it’s critical for brands to maximize their presence across the board. In addition, pop-up shops can save businesses a lot of money in the following ways:

  • They don’t incur monthly lease payments that need to be made to a landlord
  • The rental period isn’t as long or expensive, as pop-up shops are not permanent and can be easily moved to where your business needs to be.
  • Businesses also save on general expenses

Test New Markets

Mobile pop-up shops allow your business to connect to new audiences in different markets; they also allow your brand to establish relationships with face-to-face interactions. You can gauge interest in certain products or collections without the need to conduct a pricey market research study.

CGS Premier has helped countless organizations turn their vision into a reality with event fabrication. Learn what we can do for you with our pop-up shop trailers for sale.

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