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Big Ideas. On Time. On Budget.® Since 1993 CGS Premier® has been continuously growing and innovating! Our custom fabrication experience allows us to provide whatever you’re looking for. We invite you to browse our site to learn more about us…but we pride ourselves on building long term partnerships, please call or email one of us today.

Greg Peterson, CEO | President |
Tom Berte, Vice President & CFO |
Dan Kieliszewski, COO |
Cindy Schopf, Executive Vice President |
Trey Patterson, Director of Business Development |
Bill Kurinsky, Director of Business Development |
John Kubiak, Director of Business Development |
Danielle Schmidt, Director of Business Development |
TJ Leonard, Director of Business Development |
Eric Rose, Account Manager |
Michelle Furlough, Account Executive, Client Services |
Kimberly Weber, Account Executive, Client Services |
Jannelle Peterson, Marketing |
James Requejo, CAD/Design |
Robert Weber, CAD/Design |
Robin Inman, Controller |
Roger Berte, ISO Manager |
Fred Felch, Estimating/Quality |
Nick Memmel, Accounts Payable Specialist |
Mary Nemec, Accounting Assistant |
Sue Phillips, Purchasing Agent |
Nick Galaszewski, Print Manager |
Brad Thomas, Plant Manager |
Jeffrey Borchardt, Assistant Plant Manager |
Matt Schuttenhelm, Shop Manager |
Frank Malko, Shop Manager |
Terry Eutin, Shop Manager |
Joel Eisen, Shop Manager |
John Olski, Shop Manager |





S64 W15586
Commerce Center Parkway
Muskego, WI 53150

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