Our Bolt-In system is easy to use and bolts into vehicles for a custom display without harming the leased vehicle. These are simply the top custom event fabrication vehicles. They work with a proprietary slide system that transforms the vehicle into a truly custom display in minutes. We can build into SUV’s, Sprinters, Vans, Pick-ups, and can incorporate awnings, sampling stations, and interactive displays. These can be leased or purchased.

  • Cost effective…short term leases available
  • Anyone can drive the vans and set up the display in minutes.
  • Very nimble and scalable…use multiples to cover more ground at the same time.
  • Sampling, product demo, informational, display, big impact

Unforgettable Experiences

Event fabrication provides your customers with an experience that’s simply priceless. From contests, concerts, or other interactive events, event fabrication lets your customers interact with your brand in a way they ordinarily wouldn’t. You’ll leave a great impression with your customers, and they won’t soon forget the event you put on.

Advantages of Event Fabrication

Event fabrication poses several benefits. For starters, it allows you to take your brand on the road, reaching new customers while engaging with current customers. You can rest assured that event fabrication will keep you connected with your service area. Another major benefit to event fabrication is the ability for your brand to build big data. Customers often will submit personal info to participate in marketing events. By acquiring this data, your brand will better understand their behaviors. Thirdly, this service lets you save money compared to paying rent for a permanent storefront. Lastly, event fabrication allows you to travel to markets where you don’t have permanent storefronts. People think highly of brands that branch out to reach them. Event fabrication is a fantastic way to achieve this.

Get on Board Now

Many companies still hesitate to invest in experiential marketing, which gives you an opportunity to edge-out the competition. CGS Premier can make sure that you not only engage in experiential marketing, but knock it out of the park. We created marketing footprints themed around Verizon, the Green Bay Packers football team, and a whole host of other noteworthy concepts.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

We don’t work at the expense of your interest; we work with the materials and plan that makes the most sense for you. We utilize leaseable assets and lower cost approaches if money is tight. Rest assured that we’ll treat you as a valued customer.

Make the sensible choice—contact CGS Premier today for a quote on custom event fabrication vehicles.

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