Mobile Marketing Vehicles

Custom Patented Experiential Drop Trailer

When traveling through many cities marketing your brand, it’s important to have the right elements that are built to impact. An efficient set and strike are the keys to success for the team deploying your program. We fabricate your ideas to bring your brand to life through a variety of mobile platforms that become an unforgettable experience.

Our custom mobile marketing vehicle and event marketing trailer options are endless, ranging from Gooseneck trailers and Airstream Conversions to RVs and just about everything in between. People love seeing products they care about displayed on a bold stage that a unique vehicle presents.

Marketing That Moves

The professionals at CGS Premier can help create a unique experiential marketing vehicle to represent your brand. In addition to event set-up, your graphic wrapped custom marketing vehicle will become a moving billboard on the road. They catch even more eyes while traveling down the road, as well as any stops along the way, even if they are not setting up the displays. You will receive measurable exposure from passersby and other drivers out on the road between tour stops. Marketing on wheels is a major benefit that comes with experiential marketing vehicles, event marketing trailers, and mobile marketing vehicles.

 Stand Out in the Crowd

Event marketing trailers make for a much greater, more professional impact on event attendees, making you stand out from standard displays and tents. They also provide the perfect base for tall signage, making it easier for your consumers to find you in crowded event spaces.

Air Conditioning!

Larger custom mobile marketing vehicles can include climate-controlled space, a welcome addition and benefit to your customers at hot summer events. Event vehicles can also extend your promotional season by including heat and other amenities that typical event displays cannot, increasing the appeal of your footprint.

Flexible Leasing

When you lease a vehicle from Event Vehicle Leasing, a CGS Premier® partner, you don’t need to commit to a long-term capital investment and storage costs. You can save thousands of dollars and lease your assets instead. Leases are available for short term and long, vehicles, structures, or complete event footprints. Lease to Own options, too!

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why CGS Premier® experiential marketing vehicles are a hit with so many companies. Contact us today to request a quote.





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