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CGS Premier offers solutions for Commercial & Government Mobile equipment platforms. CGS has been in business since 1993 and has evolved into a major supplier and Fabricator for mobile solutions for Industry.

Military Platforms – Cage Code: 4NZ97

Quality: CGS Industrial is Certified ISO 9000-15

  • Fabrication
  • Machining
  • Hydraulics
  • Container or Trailer Modifications to customers specifications
  • HVAC Calculations and Installation
  • Fire suppression system Design and Installation
  • Wiring AC and DC Power Systems
  • Design and Build Custom Storage Racks
  • Installing Customer Supplied Products
  • CGS Industrial can recertify containers and include Engineering Stamp for 50 states in the US Market for Containers, Trailers and Custom Structures.
  • Sound Attenuation

Our team of production managers are with you every step of the way. We’ll work closely with you to put a detailed timeline with key dates. We’ll also update you as needed with conference calls, Skype meetings, photo progress updates, and material sample boards that will keep you on top of the progress of your build. It’s important to note that we’re with you after the display/trailer is on the road as well. We’re just a phone call away to help your team while on the road. Custom fabrication means custom production management. Each project is unique so is the level of management. Let us provide you with the industries best service!

We work hard to bring new innovation to the industry. Value engineering is a buzz word that’s been thrown around for years. In our world it means faster set up time, easier load in and packing, making displays lightweight and weatherproof, assembly without tools. We also have our own line of CGS exclusive products like tour Patented Drop Trailer, Bolt-In, Demountable PODs and Containers, miniPOD, and our Street Team transformer truck.

What truly sets us apart from our competition is our team of fabricators. Every project is custom and unique, our team puts a very high level of thought and detail into each build. Asking themselves how would they build it if they had to set it up 5 times per week, what is the best storage solution, how can I make it look like the rendering? Our team is full time and the chances are that the people who built your display will be here when you need to make updates or need a part send out to match. We don’t have contract employees that leave when the build is done.


Call or email us today to get your show on the road! Have a specific project in mind? Great! Want to speak with CGS Premier about options for your project? Making your concept a reality is what we do best. 




S64 W15586
Commerce Center Parkway
Muskego, WI 53150

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