Class A or Super C RV Diesel Chassis

A full-sized RV, on a diesel powered heavy duty chassis, can handle larger, heavier pieces of test equipment as well as be configured with exam rooms, reception area, cabinets, sinks, rest rooms, refrigeration, freezers, ADA lift, climate control, areas for labs, testing and inoculations, etc., in a drivable package. Contact CGS Premier today if you’re interested in our class A or super C RV diesel chassis.

Winnebago Commercial Vehicle Dealer
Winnebago Commercial Vehicle Dealer

CGS Premier is all about creating responsive health care solutions for the medical industry. We work with clients across the country to create mobile testing and medical clinics with patented drop trailers that are efficient and easy to use. Our Class A and Super C RV diesel chassis are ADA-compliant to better serve every single one of your patients. You can use them for a wide variety of critical medical applications, including:

  • Dental exams
  • Vaccinations
  • X-ray
  • Eye exams
  • Health screenings
  • And so much more

A mobile medical RV is perfect for taking on the road for a wellness tour to meet your patients where they are. It’s the best way to reach underserved communities that need medical attention but lack the transportation, funds, or time to get to a clinic. A Class A RV is large enough to hold a few exam rooms for you to serve as many patients as possible. You may recognize them if you’ve ever attended a blood drive. Individuals are able to relax comfortably within the Class A or Super C RV diesel chassis while donating blood.

We with work our clients to create the perfect diesel motorhome chassis for their medical needs. We can also reconfigure one you already bought. We’ll ask you questions about the design to provide you with the medical clinic on wheels that will best suit your patients. You’ll be on the road in no time serving others and keeping up with medical demands.


Call or email us today to get your show on the road! Have a specific project in mind? Great! Want to speak with CGS Premier about options for your project? Making your concept a reality is what we do best. 




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