Decentralized Clinical Trial Trailers

Clinical trials often take place in a central location, with the majority of participants traveling from a small radius of the trail itself.  Medicine and health technologies have made strides in recent years, pushing the traditional trial model to its’ limits.  With the increased number of trials being implemented, getting a sample size from just a single geographic community is no longer sufficient. To meet this changing need, many clinics have opted for direct to participant or decentralized clinical trials.  Without the proper infrastructure and build expertise, getting your asset to different participants can still be a challenge.  CGS Premier is knowledgeable on all fabrication needs that your trial will require.  With our decentralized clinical trial trailers, you can be assured that all safety and customization detail for a successful tour have been covered. 

Winnebago Commercial Vehicle Dealer
Winnebago Commercial Vehicle Dealer

Decentralized clinical trials are necessary in the modern medical space. To meet the industry’s evolving needs, consider creating a fleet of mobile medical vehicles. At CGS Premier, we have been at the forefront of event trailers and mobile experiential truck innovation for the last 30 years. And in those years, we have seen the increasing need for mobile health clinics. Some participants in medical trials may be differently abled to some measure or limit, which has generated the need for medical professionals to offer their care in a mobile format.

Using decentralized clinical trial trailers to operate care studies with participants will support and benefit the need to reach a greater size of contributors. This reach will aid in addressing and understanding medical assessments more accurately. Researchers will use clinical trials of differing designs to better research intervention options – whether they’re behavioral, medical, or surgical. With effective trials, clinicians can discover new medical treatments and develop new understandings of common or rare conditions, disorders, and diseases.

CGS Premier’s knowledge and experience as a mobile medical clinic manufacturer will allow your program to effectively reach participants throughout the country. Whenever you need to move between laboratories, participant homes, or healthcare facilities, CGS Premier is your partner for successful trials. We will work with you to create the ideal trailers that meet your unique needs, finding the best possible solution that works for you. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality and service you can find, and make sure your direct to participant or decentralized clinical trials run smoothly.


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