Our production crews build as if they would be operating the tour, and our client service team handles the details so that you don’t have to. Listening to the needs of our valued partners has allowed us to enhance not only the look of the event but the operation as well. CGS Premier has a portfolio of patented, patent pending and exclusive solutions to help you stand out at your event.

Fast setup / strike

Patented* DT and EXT can be setup by one person in 20 minutes

We can coordinate the install, labor and transportation

AT&T Demountable Pod

Lydian Dental

Verizon 5G at NFL Kickoff


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Engineered for:
Health code
Wind / weather
Setup / strike

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Get Us Involved Early

Designing the right solution. We will provide drawing models that you can customize and make your own.

The Process

  • Event or a Vehicle?

  • What is the footprint size?

  • Own or Lease?

  • Budget?

  • What can be done…

    what’s new?


• Start with what they don’t want… a tent or a trailer.

• Stand out at the event — create a custom user experience!

Our team will give you 3 options to consider. While working with you on the design we will be working with the producers to ensure it works for them as well.

  • Early collaborating allows us to recommend new solutions that are customized for the road crew.

  • We’re continually innovating, the “what’s next” experience may just be coming out of engineering. Maybe a project just came off lease that has 80% of what you need and will save thousands.

  • Quick turnaround? Let’s work with some pre-engineered designs that will save time and money.

  • Our team will take your renderings and make them scale drawings to build from, we also provide the artwork templates.


ISO 9001

• Quality, fabrication and graphics has always been the foundation for our company.

• Becoming ISO 9001 certified allowed us to focus on the quality management of our operations as well.

Quality Control

• For example, on a standard patented EXT trailer we have 209 documented quality checks throughout the build. The inspections take place from the first weld to the road test.

Continuous Improvement

• Once every project is complete on the road we review areas for improvement. Our after action reviews allow us to apply key learnings to the next build.

• When we build your project, it will most likely have had several key learnings applied!

Big Ideas.

• Architect Series Drop Trailer — combines two great innovations
• Patented Drop Trailer
• Patented EXT Trailer
• Patent pending Architect Series
• Exclusive custom structures
• Exclusive Bolt-In
• Exclusive Demountable Containers and pods • Authorized Airstream converter

On Time.

• Detailed production timeline
• Work back scheduling for milestones, approvals • Pre-engineered solutions for quick turnaround • Detailed artwork templates
• Training and pack at CGS Premier
• In stock assets available (can be customized)

On Budget.

• Detailed budget provided up front
• Options to consider
• Change order system to track any client changes • Do more with less — Lease it!
• Pre-owned assets — many have features built in

Client Service

Our team will be with you from the very beginning and will stay with you once the asset is on the road. We realize that you may have limited experience building a custom experiential asset, that’s ok, we do it everyday! We work hard to ensure all of your questions are answered and you get exactly what you expect. Every aspect of the process will be handled by one point of contact in our client service department.

  • We do our best to give you 2-3 options to consider. We will work through pro’s and con’s to help you pick the right option for you!

  • We provide a detailed scope of work outlining base price and options to consider.

  • A sample board will be provided giving you options to choose from.

  • We provide detailed graphic templates for all branding space.

  • We have weekly project calls to answer questions and provide updates.

  • Invoicing, registration, etc. will all be handled by
    one person. This really helps to ensure everyone stays on the same page.


Project Management

  • Base Camp software to manage and archive every project

  • A dedicated Client Service department that is with you every step of the way

  • Testing and Quality control standards including ISO 9001


  • Aluminum and Steel fabrication

  • Woodwork, custom cabinets

  • CNC routers, milling machine, iron worker, brakes, sheers, welders

  • New or Refurbished fabrication

Electrical / Plumbing

  • Complete electrical department, HVAC, power distribution

  • Built in generators, shore power, portable power

  • Fire suppression systems, water tanks, hot and cold water

  • Complete A / V department

Big Ideas. On Time. On Budget.®





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