B2B Vans

In today’s business world, meeting consumers where they are is a huge asset for a company to have. That’s why B2B cargo vans are crucial for a business to rent or invest in. Pop-up events are huge money-making events for many companies, and B2B vans will advertise boldly and make your presence known.

You can’t beat the free advertisement as your van is out making presentations to customers or other businesses. These vans are easy to drive and maneuver around the town.

CGS Premier has various vans to choose from to customize in accordance with what your business needs. You can also hook a trailer up to the vans for added storage when attending an event. B2B vans can accommodate almost any company. You’re in control of creating the perfect moving advertisement for your business.

Vans and Small Trailers

Our B2B cube vans, step vans, and cargo vans with our patented Bolt-in system are great solutions for smaller product showrooms.  They are cost effective and can be driven by your sales team.  Vans can be open air or enclosed depending on what works best for you


Call or email us today to get your show on the road! Have a specific project in mind? Great! Want to speak with CGS Premier about options for your project? No idea is too big or too small. Making your concept a reality is what we do best. We’re here to make your dreams come true with the best B2B van to bring in more business and easy advertising. We’ll stick to your budget and create the perfect vehicle for your company. Our commitment to grow and innovate has taught us to build lasting relationships with customers. In other words, we put you first. Feel free to take a look around our website to see what else CGS Premier has to offer.





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