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Mobile healthcare clinics
Mobile Health Clinic
Mobile Health Clinic
custom healthcare patented drop trailer
custom healthcare options
custom healthcare 53' trailers
Mobile healthcare clinics
Mobile Health Clinic
Mobile Health Clinic
custom healthcare patented drop trailer
custom healthcare options
custom healthcare 53' trailers
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Drive-thru COVID-19 testing site

COVID – 19  Testing and Screening 

As the country learns to live with the ongoing pandemic, there must be improvements made in the way we test and screen those exposed to the virus. While tents and other non-permanent structures have been effective in the short-term, a more permanent solution is necessary for the future.  

To help provide this solution, the team at CGS Premier can build a custom medical clinic trailers and mobile health screening vehicles to suit your needs. Our patented design provides the perfect solution for mobile testing outside your office or in an easily accessible location.

CGS Drop Trailer PAT. NO. US 9,868,380

Mobile Clinic Trailer Features & Benefits  

• Staff safety (enclosed space)

• Staff comfort (AC/Heat)

• Smooth flow of patients 

• Throughput of patients

• Ability to quickly move testing to “hot spots”

• Walk up options

• Multipurpose – test and immunize from the same clinic

• Short- or long-term commitment – mobile medical units for lease or purchase

Custom-built COVID-19 patient treatment center
Overhead diagram of drive-thru testing at a cube trailer

8’ x 8’ Cube Trailer for Walk-Up or Drive-Thru Testing

This patented 8’ drop trailer can be easily moved and set up in less than 20 minutes. Depending on your needs, this medical clinic trailer can be utilized for both walk-up and drive-through screening.

• Insulated with AC and Heat

• Secures in 5 minutes when not in use

• Moves as a trailer but operates at ground level.

• Nimble footprint for urban environments

• Perfect for corporate and employee group screenings

24’ Drop Trailer for Two Lane Drive-Thru Testing 

Our patented 24’ drop trailer provides simple set-up and installation so you can test your employees at a moment’s notice. This trailer configuration allows for a higher volume of drive-through testing by accepting vehicles along both sides of the structure. 

• Insulated with AC and Heat

• Staff is safely behind glass

• Secures in 5 minutes when not in use

• Moves as a trailer but operates at ground level

• Converts to treatment and/or vaccination station


Overhead diagram of a two-lane drive-thru testing site
Workplace walk-up COVID-19 testing site

24’ Drop Trailer or EXT Trailer for Walk-Up Testing

CGS Premier designs and builds custom medical clinic trailers that can be used for walk-up COVID-19 testing and screening. Both our patented EXT trailers and 24’ drop trailers allow for easily accessible mobile testing and screening. Either trailer can be easily moved and set up in less than 20 minutes.

• Insulated with AC and Heat

• Secures in 5 minutes when not in use

• Nimble footprint for urban environments

• Either of the mobile medical units for lease or purchase

EXT Trailer Patent No. US 9,896,017 

Virtual Health Care RV Tour

CGS Premier is now incorporating 3D virtual touring capabilities!  In this time of limited travel and Covid-19 concerns, we understand and appreciate the reluctance to visit us here in our shop, but also feel seeing is believing! Utilizing a 3D camera system, we have created tours of some of our recent mobile health screening vehicle builds, accessible from anywhere you have internet access.  Simply click on the vehicle you would like to explore.  There is an option for an automated flythrough by clicking the arrow in the bottom left corner.   For even more in-depth visuals,  click on the opaque circles on the floor to virtually walk through the space.  You can turn around 360 in each spot to look at details and explore every corner!

CGS Premier manufactures custom medical clinic and mobile testing trailers for customers across the country. We utilize a patented drop-trailer design which offers many efficient and easy-to-use features. The mobile healthcare clinic trailers that we build are ADA compliant and can be used for a wide variety of important medical applications. 

The all new drop-trailer design saves operation costs through fast and easy set up and tear down.  We can customize it from 10’ lengths up to 40’ to meet your needs!

Our Mobile Medical Clinic Trailers are Ideal For: 

  • COVID-19 Testing Sites
  • Health Screenings
  • Medical X-ray, CT, MRI
  • Dental Exams
  • Eye Exams
  • On-site demo to physicians, hospitals, etc.


Mobile Testing Trailers 

In today’s precarious healthcare environment, access to advanced COVID-19 mobile testing is more important than ever to keep our communities safe. CGS Premier manufactures ADA compliant mobile testing trailers for use by healthcare professionals across the country. With our patented drop-trailer design, citizens can receive safe access to the medical tests they need. If you’re hoping to set up COVID-19 mobile testing trailers in your community, contact CGS Premier today to learn about what our services can do for you.

Staff Screening Trailers

As businesses across the country accept employees back into offices and places of work, it will be important to keep those work environments safe. One of the ways businesses can accomplish this is through the installation of an employee screening and testing trailer. Our custom trailers will help corporate campuses and office parks across the country safely screen their employees for external symptoms and provide tests for those that need them.

What Sets Us Apart?

We carry the only ground level, ADA compliant mobile solutions in the industry. You can go from trailer to clinic in under 20 minutes with our set-up.

You never know when a trip to a clinic can result in the detection of a health condition. You can be at peace knowing that a trip to the clinic can let doctors identify and treat a condition early if necessary.

Increased Accessibility for Everyone

Much of the success of mobile clinics is due to the increased access that patients have to health care providers. The reality is that not everyone has access to a traditional doctor’s office, and not everyone is conveniently located to a doctor’s office. Mobile clinic trailers cut the downtime that comes between appointments and make it far easier for people in certain communities to attain medical services.

Plus, this method can foster a supportive provider to patient relationship. Mobile clinics require providers to go to patients, and not the other way around, which can help providers get to better know their patients as well as gain leads.

Mobile testing trailers also provide increased accessibility for those seeking to receive safe medical testing. In the current national health landscape, it is incredibly important for citizens to have easy access to COVID-19 testing. Our medical clinic trailers can also serve as safe, efficient, and cost-effective drive-through immunization and vaccination clinics. We strive to only provide the safest and most effective mobile healthcare solutions to our clients. 

At CGS Premier, our mobile healthcare clinics represent just one service we provide. We also offer temporary structures, event-site elements, Pop-Up Retail, and much more. Contact us today for a quote. 


Call or email us today to get your show on the road! Have a specific project in mind? Great! Want to speak with CGS Premier about options for your project? Making your concept a reality is what we do best. 




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