Mobile Medical Clinic Truck

The highly mobile medical clinic truck provides a climate-controlled space for exams, inoculations, lab space, and testing for remote areas or multiple locations throughout the day. Most brick-and-mortar urgent or immediate cares are built throughout neighborhoods based on the space available and the community’s population. Because of this, rural areas tend to have less access to quick and easy health care. This can lead to individuals not seeking out medical attention because of the complicated logistics of getting there. All people deserve access to health care, even in underserved regions. With today’s advancements in medicine, mobile medical clinic trucks are what the world needs. No more stuffy offices because each day will be new and exciting.

Straight or box truck mobile clinics offer great interior volume with tall ceilings, flat floors, the ability to expand, and can handle the weight of your equipment. We can configure our custom medical trucks to meet your needs. We work with you and for you to create the customized mobile clinic truck that your business needs. Create a layout that provides easy access to the tools and equipment you use the most—and to hide the items you don’t utilize as often. The “all-in-one” solution of a box truck provides the smallest footprint with the largest interior space available.  
Do more with less!  Save money by leasing the truck chassis while you own the clinic (or the box).  The clinic box can be removed and placed on a new leased chassis when you choose. Think of it as getting new clinic mechanicals every 3-5 years without having to build a new coach or RV. You can rest assured that you’ll have a reliable medical truck. You won’t need to worry about an old truck that won’t be able to reach the patients you need to reach that day.


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