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3 Best Ways To Reduce Fleet Vehicle Fuel Costs

When you have a business with a fleet of vehicles going to every corner of your target demographic, you’ll quickly notice the high cost of fuel. It’s expensive, but there are a few different ways to reduce fleet vehicle fuel costs and save yourself some money. With the right changes here and there, you’ll save money while still getting your products and services in front of your customers.

Get the Right Vehicles

One of the clearest ways you can reduce the fuel costs of your fleet vehicles is by investing in more fuel-efficient vehicles. It can be a significant investment, but in the long run you will save your business a lot of money by having vehicles that can go farther on less fuel. There are plenty of different vehicles with higher miles per gallon ratings, and on top of that, many of these vehicles have a much lighter design. The lighter vehicle you invest in, the less you’ll end up spending on fuel. However, even with a lightweight design, when you need to haul a lot of goods, your fuel efficiency will decrease, so it ultimately depends on what you’re using the fleet vehicles for.

Regular Maintenance

In addition to investing in the right vehicles, you should also invest your business’s time and resources in regular maintenance. When your vehicles are older and struggling to get from point A to point B, they consume a lot more fuel than they normally would. If you want your fleet vehicles to be more fuel efficient, you need to regularly maintain your vehicles.

For example, if you’re not properly replacing oil, working on your engine, and cleaning and replacing filters, your vehicle will struggle. The right cleaning and replacements will ensure your vehicle burns fuel as efficiently as possible, something that will save your business money. Yes, maintenance does require time and money, but investing in your fleet vehicles like this pays off in the long run.

Fuel Reward Programs

Another way you can save on fuel costs is to become loyal customers of specific gas station chains that offer fuel reward programs. Many different gas station chains will offer exclusive discounts and benefits to frequent customers, and when you utilize these programs, you can save money. In addition to fuel savings, some gas stations also have discounts for snacks or car washes so your drivers can stay fed and your fleet vehicles can stay clean!

There are a few important ways you can reduce fleet vehicle fuel costs and save your business money. Bringing fuel costs down is a great way to save money, allowing you to redirect that money toward building your business and brand through marketing initiatives, such as investing in quality custom mobile marketing trailers from CGS Premier. We’ll work with you to create the perfect marketing vehicles that fit your brand, save you money on fuel, and get in front of your customers.