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3 Ways To Maintain Consumer Engagement at Your Pop-Up

Businesses need to find ways to stand out, so more and more are creating small pop-ups where they can target many people in a short time. Having pop-ups is a great marketing strategy, but keeping consumers engaged can be quite tricky. Read on to learn about three ways to maintain consumer engagement at your pop-up.

Stand Out

Since you already have a pop-up, you’ll be able to somewhat stand out from the other businesses in the area and your industry. However, you must still go above and beyond to keep your potential consumers engaged. You can do this by hiring outside of your respective industry for entertainment. For example, if you’re a restaurant or a retail business, you can hire a band or a DJ to entertain people in the area. Similarly, you can rent out something like an ice cream truck that gives out free ice cream in exchange for a ticket they’ll get after going through your pop-up. These are examples of excellent strategies for getting them in the door and keeping them engaged for longer.

Have a Unique Brand

In addition to standing out so that people come into your shop, you must also have a unique and memorable brand. If you have exciting products that people notice, they’ll buy one or think about buying one later, but there’s no staying power for your brand. If you want to keep consumers engaged, you need to be memorable. Doing this creates a path for word-of-mouth marketing, as your brand will stay in people’s brains, and they’ll talk about it with everyone else. You can be memorable and unique if you sport interesting colors and unique design philosophies. If you simply try to be like everyone else, your brand will fade into the background instead of leading the pack like you want.

Don’t Stop at the Pop-Up

To keep consumers engaged, you can’t have the experience end when they walk out of your temporary storefront. Instead, you should get them involved by signing them up for notifications to win a contest or something similar. Don’t just open your doors and stop right there. Each hour, you can have a different promotion. This way, people will sign up to see the various promotions and decide whether they want to come back. For example, you might sell shirts discounted at 10:00 a.m. and discounted accessories or pants at 3:00 p.m. When you have people sign up, they’ll still be in your system after the pop-up shop closes. Therefore, you can alert them about your new products and services.

Maintain consumer engagement at your pop-up with these tips, and your pop-up shop will establish hundreds of long-lasting relationships. Marketing your business is difficult, but these tips should help you. If you’re unsure where to find a mobile pop-up shop for your business, look no further than CGS Premier! We have all kinds of trailers and containers so that your pop-up shop can get where it needs to go, all while advertising your unique brand!