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How To Run Your First Experiential Marketing Campaign

As with any marketing campaign, an experiential marketing campaign takes a lot of planning and decision-making to get right. If your business has never run an experiential campaign before, we here at CGS Premier would like to welcome you to the fold. You’ll soon see how beneficial this technique can be to your company. To help you put your best foot forward, we’ve compiled a few tips on how to run your first experiential marketing campaign.

Understand Your Overall Goals

Experiential marketing campaigns start similarly to any other; you need to get a concrete idea of your goals. What audience do you want to target? How much are you hoping to achieve by the end of the campaign? Do you have metrics ready to measure how successful the campaign actually is? Without a crystal-clear picture of your goals, your marketing campaign will flounder.

Focus on Your Audience

The thing to remember when deciding how to run your first experiential marketing campaign is that the audience will be your number one barometer of success. If you aren’t getting a good response from your customers, you’re not creating an effective marketing plan. Don’t focus on what you would like to see; instead, try to understand what your customers want more than anything else.

Make It Memorable

If you didn’t want your brand to stick in people’s memories, you would have just stuck to billboards and commercials! Crafting a truly unique experience is one of the keys to a successful experiential marketing campaign. Make sure you do your research about what kind of experiences your customers are looking for and then craft something based on those ideas. Don’t simply copy what you’ve seen other companies do—that will only make you fade into the background even more.

Work With the Best

Because experiential marketing has gained so much clout in recent years, many companies will insist they are experts on the subject and would love to work with you. Be very careful with these propositions. You know your customers better than anyone else, so you should be in charge of the campaign from start to finish. Only work with companies that will support your ideas and what you’re already doing.

At CGS Premier, we love working with businesses and people who have big ideas and the desire to see them come to life. That’s why our custom marketing vehicles are the highest quality you can find—because we know how important these campaigns are to your business. We’re always glad to be of assistance to those who want to take their ideas to the next level. Give us a call for your next marketing experience, and see just how useful we can be.