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Industries That Use Experiential Marketing: Sports

It’s hard to pin down exactly what makes sporting events so fun and exciting. Perhaps it’s the camaraderie of being surrounded by your fellow fanatics, the deafening sound of applause and cheers that quickly fill up a packed stadium, or the thrill of watching your favorite team emerge victorious over their archrivals. Whatever the reason behind the excitement, one thing remains true: sports have an uncanny way of bringing people together in a thrilling, high-energy environment. This notion has long been recognized by marketing and advertising professionals, and it’s for this reason that the sporting industry continues to reign supreme in media and entertainment. As a result, more and more companies are beginning to market their business at sporting events. One of the most popular methods for doing so is through the use of experiential marketing campaigns and event marketing trailers. Of the many industries that use experiential marketing, the sports industry is one of the most prominent.

Marketing within the sporting industry

Experiential marketing is a popular strategy for sporting companies around the world. Whether you prefer futbol or football, baseball or b-ball, you can rest assured that your favorite team has taken part in an experiential marketing campaign in one way or another. Major league teams often utilize experiential marketing displays during home games. Not only are these displays a great way to showcase available team merchandise, but they also allow the attendees to truly become one of the team. Many displays incorporate areas for visitors to view videos of their favorite team or players or allow them to test their own skills in comparison. For instance, an event marketing trailer designed for the Green Bay Packers gave visitors the opportunity to practice their passes on the same turf that’s used at Lambeau Field. Visitors could also pose for a quick photo on a replica of the field’s bleachers. The design elements utilized in these marketing trailers helps further the exciting atmosphere that accompanies sporting events, enabling the visitors to make more lasting memories with the brand.

Marketing at sporting events

Companies not directly related to the sporting industry also frequently utilize experiential marketing displays at professional sporting events. Such displays are generally created by sponsors of the team or event itself, as in the case of Bose speakers. Though their products are not directly related to sporting equipment, Bose speakers are frequently utilized in major sporting arenas and by sports broadcast networks. As “the official sound of the NFL,” Bose frequently utilizes a custom experiential marketing display at a variety of different NFL events. At their display, visitors can test Bose headphones and speakers while watching video clips from their favorite teams. Marketing their company in this way helps the company cement their connection with the NFL and allows them to display their products to a much wider audience base. The interactive element goes hand-in-hand with the high-energy atmosphere that accompanies most sporting events and visitors will be far more likely to remember the company long after the event has ended.