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Architect Series Drop Trailer

The Industry’s First and Only Patented Drop Trailer

The industry’s first and only patented drop trailer is now available with our patent pending Architect Series structure. By combining two of our proven innovations we have come up with a structure that is FAST and EASY to set up. This IS the answer for “I need an enclosed space but don’t want a tent”. 

CGS Premier drop trailer interior

Features and Benefits

  • It sets up in one day! 
  • The Drop Trailer creates the flooring that can be leveled in 15 minutes. 
  • The side(s) folds down to create the flooring (2 sides on the 30′ x 30′ and single sided on the 20′ x 20′). 
  • We have two different renderings attached. 
  • The 30′ rendering is open air and the 20′ is enclosed with glass 
  • The facade can be customized to meet your needs
  • Either can be leased or purchased.
  • Custom structure without the custom price.
  • Other options and sizes are available.
  • Tows with a HD pick up with a box…the box stores the display elements and the patent pending Architect Series extrusions
CGS Premier mobile drop trailer
CGS Premier drop trailer enclosure measurements
CGS Premier drop trailer interior
CGS Premier drop trailer exterior

pat. no. us 9,868,380