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Trade Show Social Media Ideas To Boost Engagement

Trade shows are an essential part of any business’s growth strategy. They provide access to networking opportunities and a chance to put your product in front of people. However, distinguishing yourself can be challenging. Here are a few trade show social media ideas to boost engagement.

Promote Yourself Before the Trade Show

A great way to boost engagement with your business is to get people excited about your product before the actual trade show begins. Many consumers go to trade shows out of obligation, and many others go to seek out the next big thing they can get their hands on and build relationships with the business behind it. Whoever it is, if you can get your name out there before anyone even steps out onto the trade show floor, anticipation and hype are created. This can work in favor of your business and greatly help you separate your booth from others.

Stay Active After the Trade Show Is Over

Much like the last point, to stay in people’s minds and keep them engaging with your business and product, you must continue being active on social media. When people step off the trade show floor, people do not shut down, and neither should you. People make a lot of deals and connections not only on the trade show floor but in the bars and restaurants they go to afterwards. Keep your name in the discussion by staying active on social media and engaging with others.

Employ Hashtags, QR Codes, and Livestreams

As excellent as in-person trade shows are, some guests must experience everything virtually. You want to engage those people, and you want the people you meet on the floor to stay engaged even after they’ve left. By staying active on social media and using hashtags, anyone can find your business. On top of this, livestreams offer opportunities for people to hear your pitches and communicate with you from thousands of miles away. Similarly, by having QR codes, guests on the floor will be able to get information about your product quickly and will be able to engage with it again later.

These are just a few trade show social media ideas to boost engagement with your business and product. There are always new ways to capture people’s attention because people constantly change. Beyond social media, a great way to get people engaged with your business is through experiential marketing trailers from CGS Premier.