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Best Ways To Gather a Crowd at Your Pop-up Store

A pop-up store is a great way to put your idea to the test as you engage with your target market. And while stakes aren’t as high as they would be with a permanent shop, you still have goals to meet. First, you’ll need to bring people together so that customers can engage with your brand. Then, you can truly test your idea. We’ve outlined the best ways to gather a crowd at your pop-up store so that you can discover what strategies work best!

Know Your Audience

You must understand who you’re marketing towards because this affects where your pop-up shop should be and how you’ll tell everyone about it. Think about:

  • Where your target market often hangs out
  • What time of day your buyers are out
  • How to interest your target market

The location you choose could make or break things. Pick a high-traffic area where it’s easy to pull in new people. You may want to use Pinterest for marketing if you plan to target females. But if you’re targeting young adults, consider Twitter. Research your target demographic to create a plan.


Start marketing before you open your pop-up shop to draw in lots of people. Social media is perfect for this. Take things further by teaming up with an influencer to showcase your product and hype people up. Then, post photos of your products on the company account. In the captions, give details about the upcoming marketing event.

Remember to continue using social media on your opening day and after you pack up. This will keep customers engaged with your brand and help you stick out.

Approach Potential Customers

One of the best ways to gather a crowd at your pop-up store is to market the old-fashioned way. Therefore, take to the streets and talk to people. Some people won’t know about your brand or this marketing tactic, so talk to people walking by and tell them about your brand.

When possible, give or show samples of your product. In the instances where this isn’t possible, have flyers on hand so that buyers can gather additional information. Do this before and during the event to keep people aware.

Team up With Brands

Reach out to well-established brands. Look for those with a similar target market where collaboration would make sense. For instance, if you sell clothing, teaming up with another clothing shop may not make sense since they’re a competitor. But if you sell makeup, teaming up with a retail store would work!

As you prepare for your pop-up shop, consider renting a custom event trailer! This way, you can take your marketing game on the road and travel to find the ideal location. The more places you visit, the more customers you can engage. If this sounds like a suitable plan for your company, contact a team member at CGS Premier! The best way to attract attention is by making a statement, so start today!