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Tips for Decorating a Holiday Pop-Up Shop

Holiday pop-ups have become increasingly popular among businesses. They have great potential to expand a retailer’s customer base and even their business. A pop-up will allow creativity to flow and imagine different, unique ways to celebrate the holidays and your business. These are a few tips for decorating a holiday pop-up shop and other fun ideas to make it a success.

Create an Enticing Theme

Pop-ups are all about enticing customers to your shop. To begin the decorating process, you need to decide on the perfect theme to bring the people to you. The decorating also needs to scream the seasonality of the pop-up to stand out against competitors. Create an idea that will cohesively link together your brand and the holidays for your theme.

In need of a few ideas? Try these:

  • Mrs. Claus’s kitchen for a business that sells baked goods.
  • If you sell apparel, try Winter Wonderland and sell only silver, blue, and white clothing.

Seasonally Appropriate Merchandise

Another tip for decorating a holiday pop-up shop is to use seasonally appropriate merchandise. The items you offer in the pop-up will need to appeal to holiday shoppers. To help out customers, designate areas for specific gift types, for example, “gifts for mom” or “great stocking stuffers.” This merchandise will help drive up sales and foot traffic.

Add a Social-Media-Friendly Photo Booth

What a fun way to bring customers into the pop-up! Set up an area in a corner away from most of the traffic for customers to enjoy a place to take fun, festive holiday photos. Create a background with your brand and a few fun props for buyers to use during photos. Include a hashtag and your handle that people can incorporate when they post pictures to their social media.

Partner With Other Businesses

Pop-ups are a great way to bring businesses and communities together, especially during the holiday season. Join forces with another company that aligns with yours and has complementary products. Consider offering exclusive deals and promotions to peak potential customers and maybe sell a few of their items at your pop-up. Create merchandise that you will exclusively sell at the mobile pop-up shop to increase foot traffic.