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Mobile Hospitality for Outdoor Sponsorship Events

Sponsorship events are a time to exercise your creative juices to grab people’s attention. Expanding the horizons of your sponsorship means an affair that attendees will remember. The following are a few great ideas for hospitality for outdoor sponsorship events.

Creative Event Swag

Consumers look forward to swag bags at events. Choose special giveaways to get people excited about the swag and not just items they will throw away. Tailor the items to the event so people will remember and use them. For example:

  • At a music fundraiser, give out branded guitar picks.
  • For a teacher’s convention, give away small dry erase boards.
  • At an environmental event and fundraiser, hand out reusable straws made from bamboo or stainless steel.

Take the event swag a step further and have tiered ticket pricing to receive VIP swag. This idea gives sponsors a chance to reach specific ticket holders. Keep in mind quality over quantity.

Delicious Food

Food is something that brings a lot of people together and is also memorable. Food items can range from finger foods and food trucks to fine dining establishments. At a laid-back event, go with finger foods with wine pairings in a wine glass the audience can take home. For a higher-end affair, chocolate is a great option to catch consumer’s eyes.

Entertainment for the Event

Respectfully approach performers and artists with the understanding that what you’re asking may not be feasible for them. Discuss with them how access to your audience could be beneficial.

You can offer a meet and greet for attendees to talk with the performers. Ask a local dog training club to come to show off their skills. The audience will enjoy watching animals participate in frisbee, agility, and obedience. This crowd-pleasing idea will give them a chance to interact with the crowd and gain new clients.

Talk with a local car dealership to display old muscle cars for a collectors event. Custom event trailers are great for vendors to showcase their business and travel in style.

The services, goods, and time of sponsors are valuable for a sponsorship event. Think outside the box for mobile hospitality for outdoor sponsorship events to create a truly magical affair.