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The Advantages & Disadvantages of Open-Air Trailers

If you have a business and are going to an event to show off your brand, you probably come equipped with a company trailer. These branded trailers are great for advertising your business and creating opportunities for interacting with potential customers. Some trailer options may be better suited for different events, but you should weigh all your options. Read on to learn about the various advantages and disadvantages of open-air trailers.

Increased Transparency Attracts Customers

An issue that many closed trailers have when going to events is the need to attract customers. It’s hard to capture someone’s attention, and when they see a closed-off trailer with few discernable brand images, it’s easy to walk away. Open-air trailers better navigate this because the brand and product are on full display for everyone to see. In addition, the lack of walls between your business and the customer establishes a sense of transparency and trust, showing that your business has nothing to hide.

A Lighter Trailer Won’t Weigh You Down

Another significant advantage open-air trailers have over their closed-off counterparts is that they are lighter. With much fewer materials, the trailer weighs a lot less. This lighter load significantly improves fuel efficiency, so bringing your marketing trailer to events will be a much smaller financial investment.

Open-Air Trailers Need Less Maintenance

When traveling to and from events, your trailer may become dirty and need repairs here and there to keep it in proper shape. A small, open-air trailer enables you to spend much less time doing maintenance. Instead, you can devote your time to marketing and interacting with customers. Without walls, you only have a few areas you must clean thoroughly.

The Elements Are Your Competition

Open-air trailers have numerous benefits, but one area in which they struggle is that you often expose your contents to the elements. Weather is unpredictable, and open-air trailers can cause significant disruptions to your business’ marketing and outreach. Thankfully, some open-air trailers come equipped with screens so you can better protect your cargo and your potential customers from the unforgiving elements.

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages of open-air trailers, making them an excellent choice for any business wanting to promote itself at different events. At CGS Premier, we can help you find experiential marketing trailers best suited for your business’ particular needs. We want to help you stay comfortable and get your business out there, and we offer a variety of leasing options to help you make it happen!