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Tips for Attracting Customers to Your New Pop-Up Shop

Tips for Attracting Customers to Your New Pop-Up Shop

If you have a business, marketing is a daily thing you must spend a lot of time on. It’s a precise science, and you must do it right to attract all the right customers to your products and services. However, attracting customers can be tricky, even with a pop-up shop. Continue reading to learn a few tips for attracting customers to your new pop-up shop.

Know Your Customer Base

One of the hardest parts of marketing and using pop-up shops is the difficulty of capturing the attention of the right customers. A pop-up shop will typically gain the attention of anyone walking by. It makes sense—your display is unique, and everyone wants to see what’s up. Unfortunately, most of those people are simple looky-loos who will not become fully-fledged customers.

You must conduct market research to determine your ideal audience. You can curate your display to meet your prospective customers’ needs and fully understand their behaviors. You’re still not guaranteed to convert those window shoppers into customers, but you’ll have a much better chance when you know who you’re targeting.

Create FOMO

Attracting specific customers is the best thing you can do with your pop-up. If you want to cast a wider net and get more people interested in your business, capitalize on FOMO, or the fear of missing out. It’s a strong marketing tool in today’s digital age. Before the internet, someone could buy a shirt, and the only people who would see or hear about it were those close to the customer. With the internet and social media, it’s completely different.

Now, people will see everyone in their area at a pop-up shop and wearing or eating the new thing, which makes people not there want to try it. It’s the new word-of-mouth marketing, and it does a great job of getting people interested in your business, regardless of your products and services.

Promotions and Offers

Another effective way to attract customers is through different promotions and offers. Flashy displays can do a lot, but more people are attracted to the chance of getting something for free. Even social media users seeing in-person promotions will be more motivated to get out there. It doesn’t need to be a lot, but something as simple as purchasing something that enters customers to win something is a great motivator. Give people a reason for being a customer—don’t let them walk away and forget about your business and products.

With these tips, you can successfully attract customers to your new pop-up shop who are the right people for your business. One of the hardest parts about pop-up shops is attracting the right customers for your business. At CGS Premier, we can help you get the right clientele with our custom-designed pop-up trailers for rent. You will surely attract the right customers when you work with us!