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Three Things to Consider When Opening a Mobile Pop-Up Shop

Pop-up shops, especially mobile ones, are popping up all over the country—and with good reason. These stores a great source of revenue and they’re an excellent way for companies to engage in face-to-face marketing and meet their customers on a more personal level. As with any business, there are a few important things to consider when opening a mobile pop-up shop. These three tips will help you jumpstart the planning process so you can open your very own pop-up shop in no time.


As with any retail store, one of the most important things to consider when opening a mobile pop-up shop is location, location, location. You want to start by choosing an area that receives a lot of traffic. City centers are a good choice because they often experience a lot of foot traffic. As such, people are more likely to stop in when walking past rather than just driving by. Additionally, you should consider a location that appeals to your target demographic. For instance, if the majority of your customers are young adults, you may want to consider setting up shop in a college town. You can also choose a location based on the products you sell. If your store specializes in swimwear, for example, you might choose to establish your pop-up shop along a beach or near a community pool.

The best part about a mobile pop-up shop, however, is that you can change your location as often as you want. We build our custom pop-up shops into drivable RVs, airstream trailers, and towable semi-trailers so you can easily change locations and bring your company to audiences across the country. Our mobile pop-up shops are also very quick and easy to set up. Unlike brick-and-mortar pop-up shops, you won’t have to worry about lengthy construction processes and can move from location to location with ease.


One of the main differences between pop-up shops and traditional retail stores is the time frame in which they are open. Pop-up shops can operate anywhere from a few days to a few months, while brick-and-mortar retail stores are typically a more permanent establishment. Prior to opening a mobile pop-up shop, it is important to consider the time frame in which the shop will be most profitable. Some pop-up shops thrive during a shorter time frame, while others may find it more beneficial to run for a longer period. One major benefit of mobile pop-up shops is that you can extend your time frame to suit the desires of your customer. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores, you won’t have to adhere to a lease with a strict time frame. You can adjust your operation schedule at any time to better meet the demands of your customers.


A welcoming atmosphere is a very important factor in determining a customer’s shopping experience. In fact, 46% of shoppers aged 35-44 reported that “Environment was the most important element of a meaningful shopping experience.” To make your pop-up shop a welcoming environment where customers want to spend their time, consider designing your store in a way that complements your company’s aesthetic as a whole. You want to give customers a shopping experience they won’t soon forget, so don’t be afraid to take a few risks and let your creativity flow. Create a mobile pop-up shop that gives patrons an insight into your company’s spirit and allows them to interact with products in a fun and innovative way. Don’t forget to appeal to all five of your customer’s senses, as well. You can install fragrance dispensers throughout the space to fill the air with pleasant scents or create a unique playlist of songs that will entice and entertain shoppers.