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Why Face-to-Face Marketing is What Secures Client Trust

In today’s digital age, a good amount of marketing is done from a screen. We’ve become accustomed to ads polluting our screens, and with such a large amount of them, it can be difficult to secure a consumer’s attention. This is the reason some businesses choose to utilize face-to-face marketing. There are a few reasons why this avenue secures a client’s attention and gets your brand noticed.

Personality Sells You

We want to support something and someone that we believe in—that’s why we’re always ready to support the businesses of friends and family. The ability to endear oneself to someone also makes a product seem more attractive. If clients can read your body language and expressions, they can evaluate if they believe in what you’re selling.


According to UX Planet, “90% of transmitted information to our brain is visual.” By catering to the consumer’s visual experience, you can create something that stays in their minds long after they’ve wandered away. That’s why you’ll see some companies go the route of mobile retail stores or pop-up shops; it can put a brand in front of customers more often. Once you capture their attention, you have the floor to display your product and dazzle your audience.

Increase Your ROI

Your ROI—or Return on Investment—is completely dependent on your customer’s experience. When you impress your audience, they’ll take pictures, invest in your product, and spread the word. An impressive setup and engagement will inspire customers to encourage their friends to stop by.

In-Person Call to Action

call to action is something that says, “Here’s what we have, and here’s what you need to do.” When you click on a website and receive a popup that encourages you to sign up for an account, that’s a call to action. This encouragement delivered in person appears more natural, especially if it’s done after taking the time to build a rapport with the person you’re prospecting.

After displaying your product and its benefits, encourage your client to take action. This can be buying your product on the spot, or something as simple as following your social media pages. The secret behind face-to-face marketing is that it not only gives you the opportunity to grab your client’s attention, but to keep it as well. Your personality, talent, and passion for your product is what’s going to win clients over and solidify their trust.