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Why a Mobile Dealership Helps Showcase Electric Cars

Have you ever seen a mobile dealership? Maybe on your last trip to the mall, you saw a mini-dealership inside. Mobile dealerships and design studios for electric cars have grown in popularity because they provide an easy way for customers to understand what you’re offering while they’re on the go. These are also great for business because they improve communication with customers and boost sales. In a portable dealership, customers get to see and touch the product.

What Is a Concept Vehicle?

A concept car is also known as a show vehicle—it’s the car you’ll have in your portable business to show new styles or technology to clients. With a concept vehicle, potential customers can get up close and personal with what you’re selling. You can use this to show customers what’s up and coming so they know what features to consider in the future. 

Seeing and understanding the product is a crucial part of the buying process that you shouldn’t sacrifice. Most customers like to see what they’re getting before they hand their money over, especially if it’s a significant purchase like a car. 

Why Start a Portable Dealership?

Starting a mobile dealership and design studio for electric cars is great for business and is often done by industry experts. Customers don’t have to sit around in waiting rooms, nor do they feel the pressure of walking the dealership lot. Mobile dealerships always look tidy and attractive because the space is smaller. Better yet, this makes it easier to spot and serve customers.

A portable dealership acts as a showroom. You get to show off more than the latest and greatest models—you can showcase the customization options your electric cars offer. After all, buyers can often tailor more electric and other expensive cars to fit their needs. 

If you’re attending an event like a car show to intrigue buyers, you’ll want a custom event trailer. This gives customers a place to look at your brochures, pick up business cards, and access other essential paperwork.

If you have big ideas, don’t be afraid to step up your marketing game! Contact an innovation expert at CGS Premier. Reach out to score the perfect trailer to utilize as a mobile showroom that brings in customers!