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Why It Pays To Be Trendy in the Food Truck Industry

Maybe you have a food truck, or you’re interested in beginning a mobile commercial kitchen journey. Either way, this business is exceptionally trendy. We’re going to take a look into why it pays to be trendy in the food truck industry.

More Partnerships and Promotions

Partnerships between food trucks and events, including concerts, carnivals, and weddings, are becoming increasingly common. These partnerships are win-win situations for both parties. The food truck or restaurant gains foot traffic and credibility among the guests attending the event.

It’s also an excellent idea for bars to partner with food trucks. Call a specific food truck to park in front of your bar to attract more potential customers. Pair their food with a specialty cocktail, wine, or beer your bar carries. There is often an overlap of clientele for events, bars, and food trucks.

Environmentally Friendly

Food trucks and restaurants will face pressure to serve food farmed using renewable and sustainably sourced resources. Frequent customers of food trucks are conscious of the environment and the food industry’s effects on climate change. Food trucks can accommodate their customer base, which in turn will expand their business. Expect food trucks to identify the source of ingredients and serve more organic options.

Increase in Social Media Presence

Food trucks quickly expand their social media presence beyond Facebook and Twitter. Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are excellent platforms food trucks use to grow their customer base. The younger population uses these platforms to communicate with their friends and family. Add Wi-Fi services to your food truck for tech-savvy customers to use during their visits.

Offer Alternatives for Allergies

As the food truck owner, you want to accommodate as many customers as possible. Offering alternatives to food for individuals with peanut, tree nut, or gluten allergies is a way to expand your customer base. Try using seed flour, cauliflower flour, banana flour, or almond flour to accommodate gluten allergies. Experiment with chickpea butter, pumpkin butter, and macadamia butter to accommodate peanut allergies.

Another ingredient customers are looking out for is palm oil. It has a significant environmental footprint.

These were four ideas why it pays to be trendy in the food truck industry. You are helping the environment, growing your clientele, and helping your business. If you’re interested in purchasing a new mobile commercial kitchen or getting started in the food truck industry, browse our website. CGS Premier is here to help you get started.