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Using Social Media in Your Experiential Marketing Campaign

Gone are the days of handing out flyers or posting ads in local newspapers. With innovations in technology and the popularity of social media, it has never been easier to advertise your business to the masses. Still, consumers often overlook simple online posts. Integrating social networking into your experiential marketing campaign, however, will allow customers to interact with your products and services in innovative ways.

Below are four tips for using social media in your experiential marketing campaign that will encourage your consumers to post, like, and share your company with their followers.

Create social media events

A Squire Patton Boggs report found that “Entertainment ranked the highest for young consumers (35% of respondents 18-24 years old).” Considering the majority of social media users fall into this age range, you’ll want to create a one-of-a-kind experience. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with an experiential marketing tour.

One of the many benefits to this type of campaign is that you can frequently change locations to engage consumers across the country. Keep your followers up to date on where you’re visiting by creating social media events or posting a schedule of locations. Facebook, for instance, allows users to create public events which followers can then express interest in or RSVP to. This will help garner excitement and anticipation for your upcoming events and will advertise it to a much wider audience.

Design fun photo ops

Once consumers have flocked to your event, give them the experience of a lifetime. From famous social media influencers to the everyday consumer, everyone will want to post about this exciting event. Designing your experiential marketing vehicle with shareable experiences and photo opportunities is a surefire way to involve and excite all who attend your event. Eye-catching backdrops and an aesthetically pleasing design will create a shareable experience that your customers will be eager to share online. Our marketing vehicles and pop-up shops are custom-made to make even your wildest design dreams a reality.

Create a custom hashtag

Using social media in your experiential marketing campaign can be as simple as creating a custom hashtag for your event. After customers have snapped photos and thoroughly enjoyed themselves at your event, you’ll want to provide them with a way to share their experience with the world. A unique hashtag can create a lot of buzz around your event and your company and it will inspire customers to attend future events. Creating a custom hashtag for your event will also make it easier for consumers to find you online. This seemingly small factor can have a big impact on attendance at future events and will greatly increase your organization’s overall brand recognition.


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