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Why Your Event Trailer Should Be ADA-Compliant

Why Your Event Trailer Should Be ADA-Compliant

Establishing an event trailer is one of the best ways to attract new customers and give them hands-on experience with your products and services. You can go to events far and wide, whether they’re local farmers’ markets or large sporting events. Your event trailer should be ADA-compliant if you want to attract as many people as possible to your display. It may not seem like it makes the biggest difference for you, but these accommodations could mean the world to someone else.

Welcoming to Everyone

The main reason why your event trailer needs to be ADA complaint is so that your event can be welcoming to as many people as possible. It’s very easy to look at the world through an able-bodied perspective and find little reason to change the standard way you build your event display. This perspective is common, but it doesn’t mean other perspectives and walks of life don’t exist.

Take a moment to imagine a disabled person trying to walk around your event trailer if it doesn’t have ADA accommodations. They may not be able to enter your display booth or hear what your business is selling. If you don’t have a brochure, people with hearing disabilities may not understand your business or what you’re marketing. It’s important to consider all perspectives; in addition to accommodating different disabilities, some people have different preferences for marketing.

Increased Public Perception

The other critical reason your event trailer needs to be ADA-compliant is that it can increase public perception. You are creating a name for yourself and spreading the awareness of needing to be ADA-compliant even if no one at your event trailer has a disability. It can seem trivial at the moment, but you can start a wave of businesses working around these accommodations. These additional accommodations can make people with disabilities feel more welcomed and comfortable at marketing events.

It’s Relatively Easy

Another reason your event trailer should be ADA-compliant is that it is relatively easy to accomplish. Going out of your way to create accommodations for people who may not even show up pushes many people away from ADA compliance. In reality, it’s not this big burden people make it out to be. Yes, it will take some work and time you may not have otherwise spent, but it’s minimal in the grand scheme of things. A little goes a long way, and as mentioned previously, these accommodations can dramatically improve the public perception of your brand.

Your event trailer needs to be ADA-compliant so you can simultaneously set a positive example for other businesses to follow and welcome all visitors. When more businesses, big and small, are ADA-compliant, it creates a more welcoming world for everyone. If you’re unsure how to find or create an ADA complaint mobile showroom trailer, don’t hesitate to contact us at CGS Premier. We have the perfect trailers and flexible leasing options to develop a plan that works for you!