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Tips for Using TikTok To Reach Potential Customers at Events

TikTok has quickly boomed in the last five years, and it has become one of the leading sites where people will spend hours of their day. It allows people to interact with others around the world and learn new things, but it’s also a great platform for businesses to reach customers far and wide. However, it’s not foolproof. There are some things you should know when using TikTok to reach potential customers at events so that you can maximize your reach.

Understand Your Audience

Before even hitting record, take a step back to fully understand who your audience is and who you want to market to. If you’re a young and hip brand trying to get more people to show up to your event, you need to be trendy, quick, and captivating. Alternatively, if your audience is business professionals, you should stick to the informative side of things, such as the event location and hours. Understanding who your customers are and what kind of content they’re interested in will help you craft engaging videos that speak to their needs.

Use Hashtags

Another thing you need to do to capitalize on all the advantages of TikTok is to use hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to expand your reach by drawing more people into your videos when they search for related topics on TikTok. Make sure you include relevant hashtags in each video so that people can easily find it.

In addition to using hashtags to market yourself for the event, consider making hashtags a part of the event itself. If people interact with your business at the event, encourage them to create their own TikTok and use a specific hashtag so that you can view the video later.

Work With Influencers

Influencers, with their established fan base and strong online presence, offer an excellent opportunity to increase the visibility of your videos. When seeking influencers, prioritize those who align with your industry and values. Collaborating with them allows you to create compelling content that resonates with their followers and expands your reach and brand exposure.

Additionally, consider bringing influencers out to the event to encourage a bigger turnout. When you tap into the influencer network, you’re amplifying your message and engaging a wider audience that will drive more traffic and interest to your business.

Be careful with how you try to use TikTok to reach potential customers at events because it’s not a surefire solution that leads to sales and engagement. You need to plan these marketing strategies, and you shouldn’t solely rely on one avenue, either. In addition to TikTok, consider picking up a marketing trailer from CGS Premier, as these can work with your TikTok strategies to take your marketing endeavors to the next level.