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How To Select a Vehicle for Hauling Marketing Trailers

When you have a marketing trailer to haul, you need to decide on the right vehicle for the job. And to narrow your options and choose the perfect vehicle, you need to know what factors go into this process. So, consider this your guide on how to select a vehicle for hauling marketing trailers.

Consider the Trailer’s Weight

One of the first and most important things to know is how much the trailer weighs. The maximum towing weight differs from vehicle to vehicle. This means as you work to select a car to haul your trailer, you’ll need to calculate the gross combination weight. In this calculation, you’ll take into account cargo, the vehicle’s weight, trailer, occupants, and fluids.

You have more than just the weight to consider when it comes to hauling a trailer, though, and that’s because of a vehicle’s towing maximum. By selecting a car that’s appropriately sized and able to carry the marketing trailer, you lessen the risk of damaging the vehicle’s axels, engine, and other parts.

Evaluate Vehicle Features

Another tip on how to select a vehicle for hauling marketing trailers is to look at the car’s features. Experts recommend you specifically consider things such as

  • The Bed Length: A longer bed lowers hauling weight capacity.
  • The Tires: The tire size, and whether they’re single or dual rear wheels, help with vehicle compatibility.
  • The Transmission: The performance affects towing weight capacity.

Before you can consider all these details, you’ll need to pick out the perfect marketing trailer. All trailers have different weights depending on type and size, so choose depending on your needs.

Picking the Right Trailer

Deciding on the ideal trailer and appropriate vehicle go hand in hand. So, make the decision-making process easy by assessing your needs and how that relates to size. Also, think about the event you’ll attend as you may need a mobile showroom trailer.

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Know Where You’re Going

While this factor is easy to overlook, it’s a vital detail. Not only does every state have different laws and expectations for trailer hauling, but they also have different terrains. So, if you’re traveling from one state to another, you’ll need to make sure the vehicle you choose is capable and follows state hauling laws.

When deciding on a vehicle to haul your marketing trailer, you need to choose the right one. Remember, the weight capacity of your car should align with the amount it will tow, and vehicle features could affect weight capacity. Get the trailer for your business needs at CGS Premier. We know what catches the public’s eye and how to bring your marketing ideas to life!