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Business Marketing Tips for the Winter Season

The winter can be a tough season for a business. Especially if you live in a cold climate, it’s tough to get customers out of the house to spend money after the holidays. We have a few business marketing tips for the winter season.

Take Time and Plan

The winter season begins with the hectic holidays. Before all the hustle and bustle starts, take time to create a plan for your business. What are your goals for the upcoming months? Would you like to focus on selling a specific product? Do you want to see your restaurant jam-packed with reservations during December, January, and February? No matter what your goals are, clearly articulate them and make a clear path to accomplish them this winter season.

Give a Gift

During the holidays, offer a free gift with a specific purchase amount. Or, if a customer purchases a particular product, give them a present. Doing this provides you with a fabulous opportunity to show your customers how much you appreciate them. A few gift ideas include:

  • Free gift wrapping with purchases
  • Donating a percentage of each purchase to a charity
  • Free shipping with any online sale

Be Active on Social Media

Frequently post on social media during the holidays and into the winter season. Keep content relevant, fresh, and fun. Post information on any upcoming events you’ll be attending and specials you’ll be running. Also, show how you’ve decorated for the winter season. Create hashtags and tell customers to tag you in any posts they make with your products. Consider a holiday photo contest with an Instagram giveaway.

Host an Event

Another business marketing tip for the winter season is to host an event. Depending on where you live, this can be an indoor or outdoor event. Just make sure you show up in your custom marketing trailer. CGS Premier can provide you with incredible portable marketing. You can browse our website to see all the business marketing we offer.

Partner With Local Businesses

Consider joining forces with local small businesses and restaurants. Everyone benefits when local shops receive more business than the big box stores. It’s a fantastic way to grow your business and gain new customers.