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Ways To Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

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Trade shows can bring with them both a sense of excitement and a sense of foreboding. While trade shows are a great way to meet new people in your industry and talk freely about what you do with lots of people, you’re also there to spread the word about your company. It can’t be all fun and games since you also need to extend your influence as far as you can. CGS Premier wants you to get the most out of the opportunity, which is why we’ve compiled a few ways to stand out at your next trade show.

Be Personable

A lot of the time, companies will go all-in on having their trade show representatives really push their company and products hard. However, a lot of attendees dislike this aggressive approach. If you want to stick in people’s mind, treat them like people, and strike up a real conversation with them. Keep the interaction natural, and don’t try to sell them something right from the get-go.

Get People Involved Before the Show

If you can get attendees to engage with your brand before they go to the trade show, you’ll have a much easier time getting them to come to you before anyone else. Start up a poll on your social media pages to ask what kind of things they would like to see, what kind of swag they might want to receive, or what sort of services they are looking for. By engaging with them ahead of time, you already have a built-in audience and don’t have to try so hard once you get there.

Give Away Something Unique

Trade show attendees are going to have enough pens and mugs to last them a lifetime after the show. Don’t follow the crowd; consider alternatives swag options to keep people interested. Consider branded headphones, phone cases, socks, toys, anything to break up the usual smattering of swag that people get when they go to trade shows.

Create a Big Display

This is where we like to come in. A surefire way to stand out at your next trade show is to have a grand display that is impossible to ignore. Something fun like one of our mobile experiential trucks is a fantastic way to prove that you’re different from all the competition inside. A truly impressive display will have the attendees talking about you right from the start and keep them talking about you long after they leave.

As important as trade shows are, many companies put the barest amount of effort into them. Don’t fall into this trap. We here at CGS Premier want to see your company shine among its competitors. When you’ve got big ideas, we’re the people you want to talk to.