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Money-Making Mobile Business Ideas

In these times, mobile businesses are more necessary than ever. Being able to take your business on the road isn’t just great for you; it also provides much-needed services to customers who can’t travel themselves. Not every kind of business can work in a mobile environment—you probably won’t see a mobile accounting agency anytime soon—but you’d be surprised at how many viable options there are. Let’s take a look at some money-making mobile business ideas to get your dream off the ground and on the road.

Pet Grooming

Perhaps one of the better-known mobile businesses is mobile pet grooming—and with good reason. Mobile pet grooming is a rapidly growing industry that allows you to work with animals and sustain a lucrative business. On-demand pet grooming is perfect for people who have trouble corralling their animals into a car to get to the groomers.

Handyman Repair

If working with your hands is your ideal situation, becoming a mobile handyman can give you that opportunity. Many people are clueless when it comes to repairing simple fixtures of their home. Filling this need by driving to each house will have you in business for a long time.


Salons have plenty of reasons to go mobile. Going to one can be exorbitantly expensive, and they’re not always conveniently located, so you can easily expand your customer base by offering mobile services. A mobile salon is a fantastic solution for people who are too busy or unable to go to a traditional salon.

Food Truck

This one may seem obvious, but there’s a reason it’s on a list of money-making mobile business ideas. A good food truck can make money while saving a ton of extra expenses because you won’t need to deal with rent or maintaining a large storefront. If food is your passion, save yourself some effort by starting a food truck instead of a full restaurant.

Wedding Services

Whether it’s catering the party or planning the ceremony, if you plan to be a wedding planner, you’re going to have to move around a lot. Wedding services are always going to be necessary, and a mobile one is all the more able to deal with last-minute requests and changes.

All these ideas have the potential to put you on the path to success, but what really makes the difference is what you invest in your business. At CGS Premier, we love working with people who have big ideas. So whether you need a mobile showroom trailer, an Airstream, or an RV, we want to be the company you come to first.