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Why You Should Buy an Airstream Travel Trailer

Custom marketing vehicles are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and you can personalize them to suit each unique marketing campaign. One such marketing vehicle that is increasingly popular is an airstream travel trailer. Airstream trailers that people once exclusively used for travel and transportation are now a popular option for experiential marketing campaigns. They offer an element of mobility and personality to the campaign that’s not often seen with more traditional marketing strategies. As you ponder why you should buy an airstream travel trailer for your next marketing campaign, be sure to first consider the following benefits.

Nostalgic appeal

First introduced in the late 1920s, Airstream travel trailers quickly grew in popularity throughout the 1930s. In fact, Airstream travel trailers were so popular that the inventor even published a DIY guide that encouraged people to build their own trailer. Though the original shape and style have evolved slightly over the years, Airstream travel trailers remained a popular mode of transportation for many decades. They are now also a popular choice for mobile marketing. The sight of an Airstream travel trailer stirs feelings of nostalgia and adventure which appeal to consumers and inspire them to take a closer look at the structure. Companies in any industry can use Airstream travel trailers in marketing campaigns; however, they are highly popular among organizations with an adventurous and outdoorsy appeal. For example, the custom Airstream travel trailer used in a campaign by the West Virginia Tourism Office helped incite sentimental feelings regarding some of the state’s lesser-known winter locations. The nostalgic appeal of the Airstream trailer reminded visitors of cherished memories spent at some of the Mountain State’s best winter destinations.


You can outfit an Airstream travel trailer to suit any company or individual marketing campaign. The ability to customize the Airstream in any way allows companies to make the space entirely their own and present consumers with an entirely unique experience. The West Virginia Tourism Office outfitted their custom Airstream travel trailer, for instance, with several large TV screens. Images and videos from some of West Virginia’s best winter destinations appeared on these screens and provided consumers a more concrete vision of what their winter holiday in the Mountain State could look like. This brought new life to the brand and inspired lively conversations between consumers and company representatives. According to a representative from the West Virginia Tourism Office, their custom Airstream travel trailer creates “an engaging touchpoint that brings consumers in and serves as a talking point, a way for consumers to connect and communicate with our brand.”


As with any marketing vehicle, one of the biggest draws of an Airstream travel trailer is the level of mobility it affords. Airstream travel trailers were to be a means of traversing the country and traveling to parts unknown. As such, they’re still a highly popular choice for experiential marketing tours, as they enable the company to visit a wide array of events without worry about distance or terrain. This increased level of mobility enabled the West Virginia Tourism office to travel to various locations throughout their beautiful state to raise awareness about slightly lesser-known destinations. The mobility and durability of the Airstream travel trailer enabled the West Virginia Tourism Office to traverse its eponymous mountain roads with ease.